Friday, September 30, 2016


Or he's a smartass.
Sounds like something I'd say.

I have 31 days to make a game plan

My initials are L.A. Holy. Fucking. Shit. 
My worst nightmares predicted in one stupid meme. 
If you need me, I'll be in my bunker.

Just trying to simplify things

Thursday, September 29, 2016

I don't know

Woke up, opened my blog, no blogroll. Gone, POOF! Never to return.

I didn't do it. I don't know if anyone intentionally did it, or if the universe just really wanted to fuck with me today. And by extension, fuck with some of y'all.

Now the pisser of it all is this:

To put my blogroll back, I have to open the widget, then open the blog, copy the URL, put it in the widget, click save, go to next blog and repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

I had over 40 blogs on my blogroll. I don't remember what I had on there. I can think of maybe 5 or 10. The rest elude me. So I will do the ones I remember. If there are any I missed that you can't live without, comment here or email me. I'll get to it when I can.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Kilted to Kick Cancer: Down to the wire

Three more days to donate.
Five holsters to win.
Two knives with custom sheaths to win.
$10 donation gets you entered and helps spread the word.

Oh yeah, and then there's this:

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Don't call me princess

Finally, a pumpkin spice product I can get behind

Day 22 Kilted to Kick Cancer: Ted Nugent

I have been woefully lax in my posting and prodding (~snerkle~ see what I did there?) about KTKC and y'alls prostates. There is a little over a week left to donate; and if you don't remember the drill, here it is:

  1. Go to Kilted to Kick Cancer HERE.
  2. Make donation in multiples of $10.
  3. Designate your donation to Team Dragon on the checkout page.
  4. When you receive your receipt, email it to Dennis at
  5. Indicate which holster you want to enter to win (Dean Cain, Larry Correia, Jesse James, and now TWO Ted Nugent signed holsters. Or you can break a $10 down into 2 entries for the custom made knives and sheaths. Just let Dennis know where you want your chances.
  6. BONUS: Email your receipt to for a chance/$10 donation to win an AR-15.
Oh  yeah, and here are the Nugent holsters:

Uncle Ted and Dennis approve this message.

Butt probably not this one.